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Selling and buying property is a complex, expensive, time consuming activity - requiring clear and timely communications, good management, and appropriate knowledge and expertise.

The vast majority of home movers simply do not have the time, resource or skills needed to sell a property on their own, so we need an estate agent to do this for us.

An estate agent’s primary role is to facilitate the sale of your property, providing regular communication, guidance on the presentation of your property and support through the more complicated and stressful stages of the transaction.

They are responsible for the accurate valuation of your property, taking into account the economic issues affecting the market - determining what is selling successfully and why.

The agent will also manage the marketing package for your property. They will be responsible for how it is presented, where and how it is promoted, including online presentation, and attracting and carefully qualifying the right buyers.

In essence, your agent will manage all stages of the transaction from valuation and marketing, to the management of the chain,- all the way through to final completion.

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