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Renters in the private sector probably thought they would be immune from the interest rate rises that have hit mortgage holders but the reverse has proved to be true for many. Landlords who bought on a buy-to-let mortgage have been passing on the higher interest rates that have afflicted them by raising rents so maybe … Continue reading Time for renters to break free

While everyone concentrates on the ill effects of interest rate rises – and where mortgages are concerned the opposite appears to be true as lenders’ rates are falling – what many are missing is the sheer choice of properties available right now. After the pandemic, the world went mad and buyers would snap up almost … Continue reading The choice is fabulous…

Bank of England Base Rate has risen again – for the 13th successive month – and now stands at 5.0 per cent. Mortgage holders inevitably face a rise in interest rates, although quite why is uncertain because banks seem to be using mortgage rate hikes to boost their profits rather than savers’ returns so could … Continue reading Act now to ease the squeeze

It’s hard to ignore the headlines about the current state of the property market but every cloud has a silver lining. I was reading through statistics from Rightmove recently and it seems as if around 30 per cent of property deals fall through before completion. There are all sorts of reasons, some of which may … Continue reading Property cloud’s silver lining

The deal’s done, contracts signed and exchanged, and it’s time to think about getting the moving job done. First thing is whether to employ professionals or do it yourself. One of my colleagues decided on the DIY route, dropped the washing machine off the front doorstep, smashed the internals, and spent more replacing it than … Continue reading What a moving story…

The plot doesn’t thicken at a Bedhampton property – it lengthens! For this appealing 1930s detached home is set virtually in the centre of its 200ft deep Bedhampton Road plot, with 99ft of it extending back from the house and enclosed by hedging around flower beds and a lawn. The gated entrance opens onto a … Continue reading A lengthy plot you’ll really enjoy

If you are fed up with the property market continually bowling you googlies in your search for that elusive special home then maybe you should look at The Wickets, a modern three bedroom bungalow that promises you a lengthy innings. What’s more, as there’s no forward chain in the transaction you could spend less time … Continue reading Prepare to be bowled over

Vanity, one of the seven deadly sins, is an unfortunate human failing; it can also be an expensive one. It’s a sad fact that here in Britain we have an obsession with the value of our homes. Sometimes I wonder if people think more about the money and the perceived wealth attached in the eyes … Continue reading Vanity: a financially deadly sin

Vanity, one of the seven deadly sins, is an unfortunate human failing; it can also be an expensive one. It’s a sad fact that here in Britain we have an obsession with the value of our homes. Sometimes I wonder if people think more about the money and the perceived wealth attached in the eyes … Continue reading Vanity: a financially deadly sin

Remember that sinking feeling when you walk into a prospective home purchase and realise you have seen that same kitchen in Wickes / Howdens / B&Q / and virtually every other property you have viewed? Well there’s something entirely different to catch your eye at a house called Bashley in Amberley Road at Copnor, Portsmouth. … Continue reading And now for something different…

There’s a home new on the market in Drayton that’s quite literally ready to extend a warm welcome to the next family to live there. With no onward chain to possibly slow down the purchase process, there’s even more reason to get along to Southbourne Avenue to take appreciate the setting at the end of … Continue reading Ready to extend a welcome

Front doors; you never can tell what’s behind them and in the case of a property for sale in Drayton it’s a lot more than you might think. From St Hellens Road the property has the appearance of a modest chalet-style house but step inside and there’s much more to discover. The twin bay windows … Continue reading Modesty hides big secret

Conversations around “green” lifestyles currently focus on things such as hybrid and electric cars. New cars that run purely on petrol or diesel fuels will be banned from sale by 2030. The market for new hybrids will cease by 2035 under current targets for Net Zero by 2050. But there’s a far closer target that … Continue reading Landlords need to green light efficiency

Everyone searching for a new home should always be optimistic they will find just what they seek. And for one lucky family that search could end at a house called Kededa (the name means optimistic, peacemaker, or cheerful) in Dysart Avenue at Drayton. Such optimism might also be boosted by the fact that it has … Continue reading Home has an optimistic outlook

Families looking for somewhere spacious to drop anchor would do well to look at a townhouse new on the market. And they’ll be able to raise a glass to their good fortune in the bar created from the integral garage as there’s no onward chain to slow down the buying process. The imposing property, in … Continue reading Perfect place for families to drop anchor

Home always feels like somewhere special and among the roads leading off Godwit Road in Southsea there are none rarer in name than Reedling Drive. Equally rare is the opportunity to own such an impressive home in a delightful area, close to the shore and reed beds that would be home to the reedling, otherwise … Continue reading Perfect family habitat

It’s gratifying to know when you run a business that you are doing things right. That’s even truer when customers have nominated you as the best there is for 10 consecutive years – virtually as long as you have been in business! But that’s exactly the success being recognised in the latest allAgents awards for … Continue reading Simply the best – many times over

Revolving doors are a common comedy device for the ins and outs of a funny take on life. Not so funny is the revolving door for housing ministers that has seen six appointees to the post in the last year. The latest, Rachel Maclean, joined the team at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and … Continue reading Politicians leave no home for hope

We all want to know where the property market is heading during 2023 – and the answer is not where the doom mongers might predict. In fact the property market could be coming to a road near you, your road, even your house. The arrival of the Halifax House Price Index always causes a media … Continue reading Where is the property market heading?

It turns out that Boxing Day was the busiest ever for listing properties online so you may be amazed to know that I wasn’t among the estate agents who were frantically busy uploading homes. Even if uploading was better to contemplate than Christmas leftovers, I always go cold turkey at the mere suggestion that it’s … Continue reading Be happy in your home

It’s always best to start the New Year on a high and few can know that feeling better than Colin Shairp’s top team of estate agents. One of the best ways to assess any agency’s performance is judging it by what others say. And for those who like to express an opinion on estate agents, … Continue reading Simply the best…….

Going up in the world is the ambition of many and something that could be achieved after buying a property in South Road, Drayton. At present, the home has all the accommodation on one level thanks to its bungalow design but neighbouring properties illustrate how it would be possible to extend upwards into the roof … Continue reading Home with growth potential

What better way to make progress in the current financial situation than to be empowered by your own house? And here’s the answer. This property in Port Solent features 16 solar panels and a 5.8 KWh battery system that optimises storage and financial efficiency as it balances supply to the Grid with household needs. Even … Continue reading Feel empowered!

A perfect example of achieving the maximum from any given space is an end of terrace house in Grove Road at Drayton. Set beside the playing field of Springfield School, it’s the perfect springboard into spacious family living thanks to carefully planned extensions. Behind the ground floor bay window is a sitting room with the … Continue reading House that packs plenty

The ingenuity of the human race knows no bounds, especially, it seems, when it comes to exploiting opportunities. We have all become used to the constant phone calls. Even when you block the numbers they still manage to get through. Both foreign and UK call centres hide behind spurious numbers that they somehow manage to … Continue reading Time to call foul on these despicable exploiters

There has been great pressure on Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak to extend the Stamp Duty holiday past its cut-off date of March 31st next year. But he has resisted; holidays never last forever! The report issued when he delivered his Spending Review in November shows the existing Stamp Duty regime is estimated to … Continue reading Tax cuts are no foundation for a home purchase,ATT8,AD12R,18BN8,1

A vital feature of retirement living is being able to take part in activities or just get out and about to be self-reliant whenever possible. And that’s definitely to case where a recently-updated retirement property in Fareham is concerned. It’s on the first floor of Grade II-listed Northwood House, set at the heart of a … Continue reading Retirement property makes the grade

On Facebook ● Like the Fine & Country Facebook Page or Town & Country Southern Facebook Page ● Share the competition post pinned at the top of the page ● Private Message your answer to one of our pages (Keep your answer Secret!)  Important dates The closing date for entries is on Friday 18th December … Continue reading How to enter the Christmas Competition

On Facebook ● Like the Fine & Country Facebook Page or Town & Country Southern Facebook Page ● Share the competition post pinned at the top of the page ● Private Message your answer to one of our pages (Keep your answer Secret!)  Important dates The closing date for entries is on Friday 18th December … Continue reading How to enter the Christmas Competition!

Property buyers might be forgiven for not knowing where to find Abshot on a map of Hampshire but they might not forgive themselves if they do not find out about the opportunity that awaits them there. For the uninformed, Abshot is a little community nestling between Titchfield and Warsash, just south west of the former … Continue reading Life atop a wave of indulgence

Wimbledon may be off this year but there should still be tennis to watch for the owners of a detached family house in Woodpecker Close at Havant. It will be game, set, and match to them because the property serves up a real treat with its first floor terrace looking directly onto the grounds of … Continue reading It’s “love all” at this house

For families going up in the world, here’s a home that has already stretched to match their ambitions. It’s a five bedroom semi in Bernard Avenue, East Cosham, which still has many of its original architectural features, including the integral garage that signalled the new prosperity that was arriving in the inter-war period when it … Continue reading House to match ambitions of the upwardly mobile

Finding a convenient retirement home is the ambition of many when ambition ceases to drive the daily work routine and earning money becomes less important than the reward of quality time doing entirely different things. But everyone knows that moving home can also be hard work – the new place might well need upgrading and … Continue reading Paddocks, where you won’t be put out to grass!

Retiring from a working life presents many new opportunities and moving to a retirement apartment could be the key to unlocking the door that reveals them. Purpose-built Simmonds Lodge, overlooking Havant Road and on the corner of East Cosham Road, has facilities that encourage involvement in the community and its many social activities if desired. … Continue reading Just the place to retire – and start living

Green Lane in Copnor has a name that hints of what once was – sufficient green space at the far end to accommodate Portsmouth Airport’s development a century or so ago. More important these days is that a property now for sale in Green Lane gives a family a green light to ownership of a … Continue reading Green light for family to access home ownership

Five into one might be a division that seems impossible but it’s clearly not the case, as a property in Cosham clearly demonstrates. The house in East Cosham Road, originally from the era when Art Deco features such as suntrap bay windows and smooth rendered walls were the norm, has been carefully extended and now … Continue reading Clever division sums up conversion

So the General Election campaign has finished and it looks like Brexit will be delivered, even though the percentage vote in favour of Brexit was almost a complete reversal of the referendum outcome percentages in 2016! So the certainty is that people will stop bothering about all that toing and froing in Parliament. The days … Continue reading Time for home buyers to vote with their feet

Retirement might mean giving up or reducing paid work but it can also mean starting a completely new lifestyle filled with hours of what you really wanted to do for years. With that in mind, releasing equity from a current home and moving to a property with no maintenance worries makes a lot of sense … Continue reading No work and all play is the happy way!

There have been some hard times of late within the residential property industry and it’s not easy for both buyers and sellers to know when they have an agent they can trust. Landlords of rented properties don’t always fare much better, either. A few months back we took on a property in an area where … Continue reading Hard times prompt some harsh tactics

Getting away to a new life in remote islands is an oft-quoted dream for those caught up in the hectic modern lifestyle merry-go-round. But while upping sticks and moving to the Hebrides is not altogether practical, buying a house in Orkney Road, Cosham, rather than a road in Orkney, could still be a good move. … Continue reading Try the Hebridean life – in Cosham

Enthusiasts for the architecture and features of the inter-war years will be amazed by a house for sale in East Cosham. It comes from a time of growing prosperity for many in the professional classes, hence the integral garage with double wooden doors to one side. There’s an exciting, eye-feasting mix of brick, tile hanging, … Continue reading House bristles with eye-popping period features

You may justifiably puzzle at the name of a property for sale in Farlington but when you look at the house number it all adds up. Googling “Wun Yere” does not provide any sensible answers and will leave you scratching your head. And then you’ll feel an absolute nit for not putting two and two … Continue reading What’s in a name? One may wunder!

It’s not unusual for families to think big when they search for a new home. Sometimes it’s because they see investment value in upsizing but for others extra space becomes a necessity, for instance where a family consists has several children or more than one generation lives together. In either set of circumstances, a house … Continue reading Ideal home for families who think big

Finding the right staff in estate agency is never easy but it appears experienced agent Colin Shairp made the correct choice when recruiting Oliver Pescott and Robert Graham. The duo, who now appear to be entitled to the “dynamic” tag after the latest customer ratings were announced by the review site, have helped Colin’s … Continue reading The ‘go to’ guys in property

The Government seems to have taken to sudden Sunday announcements regarding the property industry, with the revelation of tougher standards for lettings agents on Easter Sunday and a follow-up a week later over estate agents’ standards and making the buying and selling process easier. Many of us within the industry have been pressing for all … Continue reading Warm welcome for higher standards in property agency

Do you believe in love at first sight? If so, then make a date right now to meet a house in Farlington that needs a loving touch. There’s an open house event on Saturday at the property in Prinsted Crescent, which is being sold with no onward chain. That means if it ignites the spark … Continue reading Could this house be your Valentine?

When you live on the top of a hill, perhaps one of the things you most expect is a good view, although that’s not always the case. But a house new on the market in Woodfield Avenue at Farlington makes up for those hilltop homes with no view by having a brilliant outlook at both … Continue reading Open house reveals open view to potential buyers

Life can be pretty hectic when the kids are still to fly the nest. As well as needing plenty of space, many families want to be based somewhere close to major facilities – good shops, transport links, social and sporting facilities, and, of course, good schools. So what better place to be than a four … Continue reading Homes that nestles close to all family essentials

The New Year sees three new team members at Town and Country Southern estate agents, and its fellow brand Fine and Country Southern Hampshire, in Drayton. Business owner Colin Shairp says the three recruits have been essential to bolster an estate agency that constantly gets top ratings on the Allagents website where clients can comment … Continue reading Trio will help agency keep its five star rating

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it pays to talk to an estate agent with a good knowledge of the area you prefer. And when it comes to Woodfield Avenue in Farlington, Colin Shairp, of Town and Country Southern estate agents, is on top of the topic – just as the road itself … Continue reading Colin’s on top of the top-of-the-hill market

Ask many motoring experts and they will tell you that last thing you should do with your car is put it in a warm garage when the weather’s cold. And as there’s definitely no need to wrap up the car in summer, what should you do with the garage space instead? Well, live in it … Continue reading Life in the garage has its compensations!

Want life to be fragrant – blooming marvellous, in fact? The maybe it’s time to move to the Denvilles area of Havant where a detached home in Azalea Close is ready to let your family blossom. Naturally, with a location such as this there’s a landscaped and well-stocked garden which can be observed from a … Continue reading A home in which your family can blossom

There’s a distinct sense of déjà vu over the debacle of OntheMarket. I avoided joining two years ago because I couldn’t see what it would bring to my business, other than business from people frustrated that their agents had joined it (yes I can support that with the evidence of a £1.2 million sale in … Continue reading Sense of déjà vu over OntheMarket

Life in the terraces is as familiar to Portsmouth residents as life on the terraces has become to Pompey fans. But while the fans choose to be there, the terraces of houses became a necessity when the local population began to expand rapidly in Victorian and Edwardian times and there just wasn’t enough space for … Continue reading Decorative features give terraced home a lift

Buyers contemplating a nearly new home may be apprehensive after all the alarming stories about rising ground rent charges under long leases that get sold to new owners. But a home in Drayton built on a 999 year lease is having that problem solved because the current owners have already paid to obtain the freehold, … Continue reading Leasehold worries are in the past at this nearly new home

Anyone who has lived on Portsea Island knows how confined it is for housebuilding space. So going up seems the obvious answer if you can’t go out – and even back in Victorian times it was realised that slightly higher level living was a good direction of travel in order to maximise what could be … Continue reading Victorians were well ahead in the space race

Wimbledon may be over, but right here in Copnor there’s a winning double partnership waiting for families. And despite their roomy accommodation, they don’t need the men’s singles champion’s winnings to get buyers across the line. In fact the winning doubles semi-finalists would have enough to buy one of them with plenty of change to … Continue reading Copnor serves up a winning doubles partnership

It’s all very easy to beat about the bust when it comes to choosing your next home. Do you want modern, do you want space, do you want convenient access to local facilities, do you actually want to move? The answer to all is hopefully yes, in which case you should be looking at a … Continue reading Stop beating about the bush – head for Mulberry Avenue

All that rushing about, getting the kids off to school, and clearing up after them can be pretty exhausting. But Drayton estate agent Colin Shairp is inviting people onto a rather special school run, one that’s likely to bring a very welcome end of term result for one lucky family. For when school breaks for … Continue reading Hate the school run? You’ll love it this time

Here’s a house that stands head and shoulders among most of the rest. The property, in Solent Road at Drayton, stands out for far more than its views, too, although with an outlook from the master bedroom towards Langstone Harbour and Hayling Island these are pretty spectacular. For busy families, what sets a house above … Continue reading Standing head and shoulders above the rest

When you’re after a 1930s home that boasts the era’s must-have external features, it’s great news to find one that has even more appeal once you’re inside. And that’s exactly the case with a property in Lealand Road, Drayton, which has a double height bay at the front, resplendent in decorative tiles between the floors, … Continue reading Family home with a great combination of features

Ever dream of living on an island but find the practicalities of life make it impossible? Well now you can tell friends you are off to Skye – but Skye Close in Cosham which is much closer to railways and motorways than the Hebridean island! Just on the market is a property that was only … Continue reading Island living – in Cosham!

These are tough times in the residential property world. There are more buyers than there are properties for sale, putting some estate agents on a starvation diet of new instructions. This is leading some of them, often as not big names as small local concerns, to capitalise on any business they do win by using … Continue reading Tough times are no excuse for tough behaviour

Living in the heart of a community is an appealing idea, and if it’s one that drives your search for your next home then this house could be the answer. The recently-built semi is in Church Way, Milton, almost in the centre of Portsea Island and in the heart of things with regard to all … Continue reading Home in the heart of Portsea community

If you like to spend time on the golf course (or even the pitch and putt) here’s a property to inspire you to get into home ownership. It’s a two bedroom first floor flat in The Fairways at Farlington (guide price £185,000 EPC Band C), a hole in one for those who want to sink … Continue reading A fair way to invest your money

When you view your potential next home, it’s all too easy to get carried away when making an offer. And by that I don’t necessarily mean offering too much. It’s also easy to offer too little and just as it’s not easy to reduce an offer which you then decide is too high nor is … Continue reading Making an offer calls for common sense

Many people who are now among the homebuyers in Portsmouth will have witnessed Port Solent rising into the landscape during the 1980s. Ever since, says Colin Shairp, of Fine and Country Southern Hampshire, the homes have been in huge demand. The position affords a great outlook towards Portchester Castle and Portsdown Hill while the protected … Continue reading Riviera lifestyle on a realistic budget

Have you ever seen a bridge without even a single arch or parapets? Chances are you have but haven’t recognised. For instance, East Cosham Road is a bridge. It forms a direct connection between the urban heart of Cosham and the countryside slopes of Portsdown Hill and set right beside it is a modern family … Continue reading Home that makes a vital connection

Homes on hill slopes can present wonderful opportunities for architects to play with their imaginations and there’s no better illustration of this than a property that has just come onto the market. Claybank occupies a plot on Rose Hill, where the most northerly communities of the Portsmouth conurbation, Lovedean, Horndean, Catherington, and Clanfield merge into … Continue reading Enter a wonderful world of opportunity

Walk through a house for sale in Farlington and it feels as if you are stepping into another era. But the 1930s semi in Rectory Avenue doesn’t take you back in time, rather it whisks you forward 80 years as you move into the kitchen / breakfast / family room at the rear. The kitchen … Continue reading Time travel is easy in Farlington

There’s a certain appeal to single level living that’s not lost on the many enthusiastic buyers of bungalows. With that in mind, there’s a very tempting property for sale in Carshalton Avenue at Drayton that suits those with a singular mindset. Behind each of the bay windows at the front is a generous double bedroom, … Continue reading Single level living at its best

There are lingering thoughts of home every time Portsmouth estate agent enters a modern estate at the bottom of Portsdown Hill. It’s not because he once lived there but because the roads in the estate are named after Scottish islands. Colin Shairp, although he has been a fixture in the Portsmouth property scene for about … Continue reading Reach for the Skye Close opportunity

Living on an island is the dream of many. The trouble with the Desert Island sort of dream is that Kirsty Young never turns up with your eight records and you have to spend time cutting branches to make a shelter, provided there are some trees. So maybe a better answer is to talk to … Continue reading Move over Kirsty, it’s Anne-Marie delivering that island dream

There are plenty of ways to expand the space in a 1930s classic semi but most of them involve getting the builders in to graft on an extension. However, a property called Colwood in Military Road at Hilsea clearly demonstrates that much can be achieved through internal alteration without changing the external appearance or increasing … Continue reading Classic style, contemporary lifestyle at Colwood

Station Road in Drayton doesn’t actually have a station anywhere along it any more but it does have one very good reason why you should stop off there. And a bit like that other mode of transport, buses, it’s a house where you’ll experience two things coming along at once – two en-suite bedrooms, two … Continue reading House with fascinating mix of doubled up features

Being in the centre of things is not all about drawing attention to yourself. When it comes to choosing a home, it defines you as someone who wants a convenient lifestyle, one where daily essentials are close by. For families, that means easy shopping, whether for main or top-up trips to the High Street, ready … Continue reading Enjoy an easier life in the centre of things

When it was mooted the properties should be shuffled on the Monopoly board, what was nominated to take the prime spot away from Mayfair? The answer was Kensington, perhaps the prime spot for property in the whole of the UK. Now maybe it’s time to let a little Kensington into your life, too, although you … Continue reading No need for Monopoly money to buy Kensington!

If a modern family home on the market in Cosham were much closer to one of the area’s most popular schools then the some of the children who live there could almost be waking up in the classroom! The property in The Close is literally beside the path leading to Court Lane School while Springfield … Continue reading There’s little closer to school than The Close

There’s a quaint-looking house for sale in Farlington with a very distinctive raised eyebrow window in its roof. But the house, The Cloisters, in Beverley Grove, is also likely to raise a few eyebrows when potential buyers take the opportunity to view it because there’s much more to it than initially meets the eye. The … Continue reading Eyebrows will rise inside The Cloisters!

There’s good news for families whose search for a spacious home has so far been fruitless. They need to head for Orchard Cottage in Matthews Close at Bedhampton, a chalet-style property that offers far more than it might at first appear – a true pick of the crop as the autumn market gets ready to … Continue reading Orchard Cottage will end your fruitless searching

It’s easy to overlook your front garden, but it could be more of an asset than you think. If you’re thinking of selling your home and want to make a good first impression, or you just want to improve its “kerb appeal”, giving the front a makeover is a must. Improving its appearance could add … Continue reading Plant a good impression in buyers’ minds

It would be very easy to miss a fantastic opportunity awaiting families who want plenty of hobby space at their next home. For tucked away on Havant Road at Farlington is what at first seems a quite ordinary semi-detached house, hiding behind a hedge and a tree in the front garden. But the real secret … Continue reading Fantastic opportunity for hobby-mad families

Conservatories are a love hate thing. But in the right place on the right house they are a genuine asset. Viewing a conservatory as an extra room is probably the wrong approach because they are a luxury and, treated as such, enhance a home. So furnish them tastefully with a light touch, avoid bringing in … Continue reading Conservatories – window of opportunity or a real pane?

Blink and you could almost miss a property for sale in Stakes Hill Road at Purbrook. And, if you did, you would soon realise what a blinking shame it was for the house that has such a modest appearance from the road actually offers splendid family accommodation with five bedrooms and a massive rear garden. … Continue reading A blinking shame to miss this opportunity

Good family homes will always be at a premium in the market – and that doesn’t always mean the homes that have been improved and extended to their full potential. A property for sale in Old Rectory Road, Farlington, is a perfect example of how a house still largely as it was built in the … Continue reading It’s 80 – and grand for parents

It’s time to get the family fell in and marching towards Hilsea. There’s an opportunity that’s too good to miss especially if, like the old lady who lived in the shoe, you’ve got so many children you don’t know what to do. New on the market is a property at Northern Parade where families will … Continue reading Attention! Time to get the family on Parade!

Remember all that rushing about, getting the kids off to school and clearing up after them before buying a bigger house to gain vital extra space? Well perhaps it’s time to go on the school run again, but this time in a self-indulgent way. You can use it as a solution to downsizing because anyone … Continue reading Time for the school run and a lesson in property recycling

The last time “royalty” became a feature of the Cosham property market there was a battle royal between buyers to win succession to ownership. That battle involved two “king” properties, those with a double height bay set under a decorative gable in the six house terraces familiar in the area.   Now Town and Country … Continue reading Will this queen rule your heart?

We’ve had rain, storms, and general all-round miserable weather. But when you want to get into the holiday mood do you head for Gatwick, the Channel ferries, or Waterlooville? The inclusion of the latter may be puzzling but in Stakes Road a house called Fortona turns out to be more of a hacienda. True, from … Continue reading Time to take the plunge

In 1939, a mid-terrace home was built in Mansvid Avenue at Drayton – and during the intervening 76 years it has never left the ownership of the original purchasing family, until now. In need of some updating, but representing a great opportunity, the house is subject to an open event on Saturday (October 31) between … Continue reading House for sale for first time in 76 years

There’s a bit of a battle going on within the estate agency industry between what have become known as traditional and online estate agents. Those who deem themselves to be “online” agents dismiss we traditional types as unnecessary in the modern business arena, dinosaurs who want to talk to people face-to-face rather than type messages … Continue reading Traditional agents have been online for years

Everyone dreams of finding that special home, one with lots of desirable features but also one where they can make their own impression. Very soon, the doors open on just such an opportunity in Evelegh Road, Farlington, very popular as it has the highly regarded Solent School at one end. In fact the house being … Continue reading Doors open on a wonderful opportunity

As a Scotsman, Portsmouth estate agent Colin Shairp is familiar with the Harry Lauder-penned song “Keep Right On To The End Of The Road”. He also knows that when it comes to roads in Drayton, getting to the end often reveals some great results for househunters seeking that little bit extra. A case in point … Continue reading Bargain awaits at the end of the road

For some homeowners, a programme of modernisation and updating might just mean a lick of paint and a few new kitchen cupboards. But the project undertaken at a property in Homefield Road, Drayton, was just a shade more extensive. Now the former bungalow boasts four bedrooms as part of its sumptuous accommodation with fantastic living … Continue reading Home makeover delivers sumptuous space

The team from Town and Country Southern estate agents in Drayton and Emsworth is gearing up to give a further boost to their chosen charity. Last year, more than £1,500 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support, including £250 from an impromptu raffle during a Christmas reception. Next month, the team will be taking part in … Continue reading Sad time prompts support for charity appeal

Making the most of available light reached a new high when the suntrap window was invented. It’s almost as good as seeing round corners as the curved design on the corners of houses maximises the light coming into the room, perfect when the property faces south and the windows in question grab late afternoon and … Continue reading Family home that’s a great sun trap

Finding a family home close to good schools can lead to a frustrating search. So, if you have had your fill of fruitless viewings then here’s some good cheer; a family house with three bedrooms and a fantastic bonus room in the loft, in the catchments of both Springfield and Court Lane schools. “It’s an … Continue reading Home helps end frustrating search

The property market is still the land of opportunity for those wanting a home just a little different from the norm. A fine example is a property in Hulbert Road at Bedhampton. Set back behind tall wrought iron gates and a large brick paviour driveway and parking area, the house might seem perfect for car … Continue reading Hobby space galore in this family home

Few people knew anything much about Leanne Woods until she appeared on the recent General Election leaders’ debates and they discovered she was at the head of Plaid Cymru. Leanne is the first leader of the Welsh nationalists not to speak Welsh, although she is learning. And, on the basis that if she’s still learning … Continue reading Quick lesson in Welsh – on the slopes of Portsdown Hill!

Families looking for a four bedroom modern home that’s both spacious and convenient for busy lifestyles would do well to view a property in Cosham. The house, on a corner plot in St Matthew’s Road, has a simply stunning kitchen / dining room measuring 25 ft by more than 10 ft but that’s just part … Continue reading House that wins in the space race

“Strawberry Fields forever” sang The Beatles in their song – and the next occupiers of a house for sale at Bedhampton will be happy singing the refrain to themselves for a long time to come. The property, in Auriol Drive, overlooks the area known locally as Strawberry Fields towards Langstone Harbour and its nature reserve, … Continue reading House will put a song in your heart

When it comes to choosing a home to rent, selecting the right lettings agent is probably more important than the place you eventually choose to live in. That’s the advice of Colin Shairp, proprietor Town and Country Southern Estate Agents in Havant Road, Drayton, which both sells residential properties and manages their letting for landlords. … Continue reading Your lettings agent needs to be ‘safe as houses’

News that fixed rate mortgages pushed below the two per cent interest rate threshold is good news for more than just first time buyers. Along with the lower rates and fixes of up to five years, borrowers will frequently find a demand from the lender for a larger deposit. At a time when there’s so … Continue reading Mortgage rate boost for movers and shakers

Looking back to the 1980s, it was General Election time and Michael Foot had released the Labour party manifesto. The party was considerably to the left of where it is today and Margaret Thatcher was riding high on her Falkland Islands victory. Foot’s radical manifesto was labelled “the longest suicide note in history” and he … Continue reading Launching in recession proved to be a strength

Tucked away on the eastern fringes of the Portsmouth conurbation is a haven of family homes. Broad Gardens is a cul-de-sac just off Lower Farlington Road, where it feels secluded while still managing to be close to all the essentials such as shops, recreation grounds, bus routes, major roads and the vital facility of the … Continue reading Family haven has a secluded feel

In many cultures, Santa Claus has an alter ego, St Nicholas. And now St Nicholas is about to deliver a very early Christmas present to one home-buying family in Portsmouth in the shape of an impressive end of terrace house dating back to the 1950s but very much set up for busy modern-day lifestyles. Standing … Continue reading St. Nick arrives with an early family present

The debate continues about the portal wars – should we be OntheMarket or is it OfftheMark? As far as I’m concerned, Zoopla is the right move for me, along with Rightmove of course. Why? Because other agents switching to OtM have brought me good business. One of the beauties of Zoopla is that people who … Continue reading Is cost-cutting OfftheMark for estate agents?

Drayton is perfectly positioned for an easy family life, with great road connections to the wider Portsmouth and Havant areas but also well endowed with local facilities, too. And set in one of Drayton’s most popular areas, Lower Drayton Lane, is a home in one of the most popular styles thanks to its double height, … Continue reading Drayton location for a convenient cost cutter

When you’re looking for the seemingly impossible in the property market it always pays to look on the sunny side. Or, in this instance, to look at Sunnyside, an appealing home at Southwick Road, Denmead, which seems to draw together the impossible combination of 30s style, rural location, updated interior, and convenient access to shops … Continue reading It’s time to look on the sunny side

There might be dinosaur wallpaper on a bedroom wall and double height bay windows at the front but a house for sale in Copnor is definitely not stuck in a time warp. True the tile hung bay and crowning gable reflect the 1930s architecture so many people find appealing, as does the stained glass panelling … Continue reading Appealing home with sensational modern touch

We live in a video age – whatever happens, you can either see it on YouTube or go to somewhere like the BBC News website. And now, when you’re looking for your next home, you can go to the Town and Country Southern estate agency website where videoette tours are being offered of homes for … Continue reading Lights, camera, action… sold!

When it comes to enjoying a comfortable retirement, a priority for many people is to find a convenient home that suits lower demands for space and easier management. There can be few better places than a purpose-built retirement apartment in a complex such as Nightingale House at Havant Road, Drayton, a McCarthy and Stone scheme … Continue reading Easy to manage home just right for retirement

Three members of staff from a Portsmouth estate agency have become members of the Portsmouth Property Association. The acceptance of Hilary Landey, from Fine and Country at Drayton, Claire Ray of Town and Country Southern at Drayton, and Sarah Banks of Fine and Country at Emsworth, puts them alongside their boss, Colin Shairp, and colleague, … Continue reading Three make it five doing famously as property professionals

It’s the nature of marketing a new product that there has to be a certain amount of brashness if it is to succeed. But there’s a new kid on the block in the world of estate agency insisting that to join its on-line presence estate and lettings agents are only allowed to be on one … Continue reading Is new portal’s brash move the wrong move?

Everyone’s looking for great value in the property market – and it’s still out there to be found. A fine example is a property new onto the market in Old Rectory Road in Farlington. Its guide price puts in very much in contention when compared with other properties on the popular Portsdown Hill slopes believes … Continue reading Great place to build your family’s fortunes

The team at Town and Country Southern estate agents in Drayton has been busy raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support during 2014. At the end of December, director Colin Shairp said the total raised for the charity during 2014 was £1,550 – boosted by £250 raised through an impromptu raffle during the firm’s Christmas reception … Continue reading Estate agency boosts charity and soccer team

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